Q: Will my account information be safe in Mobile-banking?

A: Mobile Banking utilizes encryption and multi-factor authentication. As with any mobile service, it’s in your best interest to take safety precautions ensure your account details remain secure.

Q: How do I enroll in Mobile-banking?

A: Initial enrollment is completed through the Options menu in Online Banking. You will receive text messages with access details for the Mobile-banking choices that you selected during sign-up.

Q: How do I access Mobile-banking?

A: Please refer to the SMS message you received during Mobile-banking enrollment for access details.

Q: What benefits will Mobile-banking give me?

A: You can view your checking, savings, and loan account details, make transfers between your Profile Bank accounts, pay bills, and locate any of Profile Bank’s ATMs.

Q: What should I do if I can’t log into Mobile-banking?

A: If you can’t log into Mobile-banking you can re-send yourself a new activation link through Online Banking. If you are still unable to log in, call Customer Service at (603) 332-2610 Ext 291.

Q: Do I need an Online Banking account to use Mobile-banking?

A: Yes, an Online Banking account is required to sign up for Mobile Banking.

Q: When will transfers done in Mobile-banking be processed?

A: Mobile-banking shares the same transfer schedule as Online Banking.

Q: What mobile devices are supported in Mobile-banking?

A: Most text messaging and mobile web browsing devices are supported.

Q: Is there a charge for Mobile-banking?

A: Mobile-banking is a free service for all Online Banking customers.

Q: What happens if I lock myself out of Mobile-banking?

A: If you lock yourself out of your account, call Customer Service at (603) 332-2610 Ext 291, to have your Mobile-banking account reactivated.

Q: What are some mobile security tips I should be aware of?


  • It’s good practice to password-protect access to your phone.
  • Don’t store passwords for online accounts on your phone unless secured
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, call Customer Service at (603) 332-2610 Ext 291 to have your Mobile-banking account deactivated.
  • Add the Mobile-banking shortcode to your phone’s address book.
  • Remove old Mobile-banking SMS messages from your inbox.
  • Log out of Mobile-banking after each session.


Q: What are some general Mobile Banking terms I should be familiar with?


  • SMS (Short Messaging Service) – Communication by short text messages.
  • Shortcode – A short phone number used for sending and receiving SMS messages.
  • WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) – A mobile browser-based method for accessing websites.
  • APP (Downloadable Applications) – An application that is downloaded to a mobile device.

Q: What do I do if I don’t receive the initial text message with the activation code?

A: Contact your Mobile Phone Carrier to unblock the short code 48179.

For more assistance, call Customer Service at (603) 332-2610 Ext 291