Safe Deposit Box

Secure all your valuables and important documents in our safe deposit boxes in all of our branches. We offer a variety of sizes for yearly rental. Prices vary depending on size. Access by customers to their safe deposit box is during regular business hours. Please contact us for availability. *Note: Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC insured.

Telephone Banking

Wherever you go you can manage your accounts from any touch-tone phone. Just dial toll free, 1-877-890-0001. Your account information is just a phone call away. It’s that simple.

Night Deposit

Do you need to make a deposit after hours? Our Night Deposit lets you take care of it on your schedule. Your deposit is always processed right at your neighborhood bank, which should give you the reassurance that people you know and trust are handling your money.

Notary Public

Have your signature notarized free of charge for Customers and $5 for Non-Customers at any of our locations.