Personal Online Banking Customers: Popmoney is moving to the Bill Pay menu. Learn More

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Beginning July 18th

Popmoney is Moving to the Bill Pay Menu


What changes should I expect?

  • Popmoney will no longer be available through our Mobile App.
  • Popmoney payments can be made by selecting the 'Popmoney' tab within Bill Pay when accessing your Online Banking from a computer.


  • Bill Pay will only allow you to mail a check to an individual. If you have never paid someone with a check via Bill Pay, you will be prompted to enter a mailing address before the payment can be sent.
  • The 'Activity' tab within the Payment Center will only display Bill Pay activities. To access Popmoney activities select the 'Popmoney' tab then the 'Activity' tab.



Remaining the same:

  • All Popmoney contacts will remain available in both Popmoney and Bill Pay.
  • Recurring Popmoney payments will continue and be available for viewing/managing under the 'Popmoney' tab within the Payment Center.
  • All Bill Pay payees, payments and autopayments will remain the same.

If you have any questions please contact customer service at 603-332-2610 ext.291.


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