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Be Aware of Text Message Scams

Scammers send fake text messages to trick you into providing your financial information. The text message will contain a link that will prompt you to enter things such as your password, account number or social security number. It could also ask for personal information such as your income to determine your eligibility for benefits or your credit card information to claim a prize you've won. Do not click on the link or respond to the message. If possible, block the sender's phone number to avoid receiving future messages.


Examples of Text Message Scams

Claim Your Winnings

Scammers may send a text message claiming you've won a prize. 


Remember: You can not win a lottery or sweepstakes you have not entered.


Limited Time Offers

Scammers may send a text message claiming you have either qualified for a service or your current services will be expiring soon. The scammer will emphasize urgency to this matter to entice you to act quickly.

Remember: If the services mentioned sound legitimate you should look up the company's phone number and contact them directly. Do not respond to the person who reached out to you.



Take This Survey

Scammers may impersonate companies or non-profits and ask you to complete a survey. The message will usually offer an incentive for completing the survey as well.

Remember: Do not take a survey you have not initiated interest in.



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